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*headbangs to original broadway cast recordings*

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"The people who are meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards you, no matter how far they wander."
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This always bugged me about sports fans.
“NEEEERD!”  “You, sir, are wearing cheese.”

I think about this all the time



This always bugged me about sports fans.

“NEEEERD!”  “You, sir, are wearing cheese.”

I think about this all the time

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And the oscar for best facebook headline goes to….

And the oscar for best facebook headline goes to….

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Oh man, the sexual tension between Gen. Patton and Gen. McArthur.

Get a room already.

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Five minutes in and I’m already learning shit.

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******************TUMBLR GIVEAWAY******************

okay so I know especially with recent stories in the news fear is in the back of everyone’s minds a little and I just bought myself one of these keychains to feel a bit safer and I bought a couple for friends and they really appreciate it so I bought 10 gold colored metal cat keychains and I want to give them away and make 10 people feel a little safer too! so anyways here’s the rules to participate:

must have an open inbox

must be willing to give me mailing info

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no giveaway blogs please

and I want at least 5 to go to people who follow me because I love y’all and especially want y’all to be safe, so you don’t have to follow me to get one but like I said I definitely want half of them at least to go to my own followers

okay that’s all so go reblog, spread the word, I want people to feel safer!!!

I almost forgot!!! it ends on august 1st

I also forgot that they’re illegal in CA, NY, and MA, so if you win and you live in one of those states I’ll at least buy you a plastic one if you want! you could pick your own color and they may not be metal but they’re still good and will protect you!

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I just realized that subconsciously, when I’m on my laptop/phone in public, and someone walks by, I frown so that they think I’m doing something important and don’t bother me.

Kinda like when I walk into a room and someone in the room doesn’t see me, I sniff so that they know I’m there, but I don’t scare them.

I’m really fucking weird.

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